The Platform for building
SaaS applications in PHP

Innomatic is the open source platform for building SaaS products and multi tenant applications in PHP

Multi tenant scalable architecture

Multi tenant code + single tenant databases = scalable SaaS applications. Perfect for startups and ISVs building B2B and B2C SaaS services.

Reduce your development budget

Innomatic delivers a robust multi tenant architecture so that you can concentrate your development effort on building applications, not the infrastructure.

A beautiful web desktop for your users

Build consistent, usable backoffice applications with a gorgeous flat web desktop and customize it with your theme.

Flexible Support Options

We deliver the level of support that’s right for you. Choose a support subscription tier, then add service tasks and professional services like consulting and training as needed.

A modular Content Management Framework

With Innomatic you can build multi-deployable web sites with a built-in powerful, modular and open source Content Management Framework (CMF).

Rapid development of business applications

Build complex enterprise web applications with the Business Application Framework inside Innomatic for intranets, dashboards and corporate applications.