Ampoliros 3000 3.0 released


September 16, 2002. THE INTERNET. The Ampoliros Team today announced the immediate release of Ampoliros 3000 new generation, the open source PHP web applications platform.

Ampoliros 3000 generation is a major step for the Ampoliros project: this 3.0 release marks a leap forward in Ampoliros stability, usability and maturity and is even more suitable for enterprise deployment.

"With the experience gained from developing Ampoliros 2000 generation and the useful feedback from users, we almost re-engineered Ampoliros 3000 to make it even more powerful and user friendly", explained Alex Pagnoni, founder and project leader of the Ampoliros project.

"Ampoliros 3000 is an important release. Our customers are anxious to have their Ampoliros installations migrated to this new generation. And this is only a matter of a mouse click."

In Ampoliros 3.0, you'll see the results of continued features and stability work, and many performance improvements. "Developing on the Ampoliros 3000 platform will take a leap forward with the release of 3.0", also said Alex Pagnoni.

Ampoliros is supported in a variety of platforms, mainly Linux-based operating systems, BSD and a variety of other Unix and Unix-like operating system, other than Win32 platform; it can virtually run on every platform for which a PHP port exists.

Various step-by-step installation and usage tutorials have been created, you can see them in the tutorials page ( of Ampoliros site.

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Here follows a list of the main features introduced in this new release. For more information and details see the full change log:


  • New bootstrap phase. Now Ampoliros has a well defined bootstrap phase and bootstrap scripts, and a "state", "mode” and "interface type" flags. This boasts some significant advances for developers.
  • Themes. Ampoliros standard web interface now is completely theme-oriented. A new section for themes in the Ampoliros site has been created here: From there you can download various themes and you can also contribute with your own defined themes.
  • New default theme. A new standard look for Ampoliros has been defined. You can see some screenshots here: From that page you can also view the differences between the new and the old interface layous. And, if you don't like the new interface style and you preferred the previous one, you may install the Ampoliros 2000 like theme.
  • Better user interface. Some elements like a shared menu have been introduced in order to achieve more speed during Ampoliros administration.
  • P3P support. Ampoliros now supports by default the P3P privacy format with the 'P3P: CP=3D"CUR ADM OUR NOR STA NID"' compact header, that is now required by some new generation browser in order to set cookies.
  • New $gEnv environment variable. The previous $env environment variable has been completely re-engineered and now the new $gEnv global variable has been introduced. The $gEnv variable reflects the new Ampoliros internal structure and has a rigorous structure.
  • New shutdown function. When an Ampoliros instance ends, a shutdown function is now automatically called. This function can perform final actions and system clean ups.
  • Interactive hooks. Now the hook events can return values and the event issuer functions can check the returning value of the called hooks. Hooks are so called because these are functions that are automatically called ("hooked") when a certain event occurs.
  • Total compatibility. Even with all those new big features and changes, all the modules created before the 3000 generation are fully compatible. No changes are required to old modules in order to preserve functionalities, even if module developers are suggested to implement the new Ampoliros features.
  • Many optimizations. Ampoliros code has been intensively optimized: about half of the change log is about changes and optimizations.
  • Various fixes. All the known bugs have been fixed, and at this stage no major bugs are known.


Ampoliros 3000 is available for free under the GPL open source license and is available for anyone to use; it can be obtained for free here:

If you wish to get the latest Ampoliros source tree, you can obtain it through anonymous CVS. You should be warned that the CVS version is a development version, and as such, is often unstable, and may not even run properly. The advantage of using CVS, though, is that you can get the latest fixes and updates, without having to wait for the official releases. You can find more information about CVS access to Ampoliros sources here:

For further instructions on installing Ampoliros 3000, please consult the installation instructions ( and, if you encounter problems, the Ampoliros FAQ (


Ampoliros is an advanced, easy to use and cross platform distributed web applications platform written in PHP language, suitable as Internet/Intranet development and deployment system. It has a very strong modular architecture and allows very fast deployment of web solutions.

You can find more about Ampoliros here:

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