Ampoliros 3000 3.3.1 released
By Alex Pagnoni, 2003/03/27




March 27, 2003. THE INTERNET. The Ampoliros Team today announced the immediate release of Ampoliros 3000 3.3.1 new version, the open source PHP web applications platform.

Ampoliros 3000 3.3.1 fixes a minor security issue.

Ampoliros is supported in a variety of platforms, mainly Linux-based operating 
systems, BSD and a variety of other Unix and Unix-like operating system, 
other than Win32 platform; it can virtually run on every platform for which a 
PHP port exists.

Various step-by-step installation and usage tutorials are available, you can 
see them in the tutorials page of Ampoliros site:

You may also want to have a look at the Ampoliros forum located here: In the forum you can join the Ampoliros 
community, submit help requests, propose your wishlist, etc.

If you wish to receive email updates about new Ampoliros and Ampoliros hosted 
projects releases, you can subscribe to the Ampoliros announces mailing list. 
The list is moderated and low-traffic; you can subscribe/unsubscribe here:

Here follows a list of the main features introduced in this new release.

For more information and details see the full change log here:

--- Principal improvements

- Security fix. A fix for a minor security issue has been applied. 

--- Obtaining Ampoliros

Ampoliros 3000 is available for free under the GPL open source license and is 
available for anyone to use; it can be obtained for free here:

If you wish to get the latest Ampoliros source tree, you can obtain it through 
anonymous CVS here: You 
should be warned that the CVS version is a development version, and as such, 
is often unstable, and may not even run properly. The advantage of using CVS, 
though, is that you can get the latest fixes and updates, without having to 
wait for the official releases. You can find more information about CVS 
access to Ampoliros sources here:

For further instructions on installing Ampoliros 3000, please consult the 
installation instructions here: and, if you encounter 
problems, the Ampoliros FAQ here:

--- About Ampoliros

Ampoliros is an advanced, easy to use and cross platform distributed web 
applications platform written in PHP language, suitable as Internet/Intranet 
development and deployment system. It has a very strong modular architecture 
and allows very fast deployment of web solutions.

You can find more about Ampoliros here:

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property of their respective owners.

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