Ampoliros now available through CVS repository
By Alex Pagnoni, 2002/08/24

THE INTERNET. Ampoliros is now available through an anonymous CVS repository and developers can contribute with their code.

If you wish to get the latest Ampoliros source tree, you can obtain it through anonymous CVS. You should be warned that the CVS version is a development version, and as such, is often unstable, and may not even compile properly.

The advantage of using CVS, though, is that you can get the latest fixes and updates, without having to wait for the official releases.

Ampoliros development has been CVS based since the beginning, but the repository wasn't available until now.

You can find instructions about accessing the new CVS repository here:

If you wish to receive email updates about new Ampoliros and Ampoliros hosted projects releases, you can subscribe to the Ampoliros announces mailing list.

The list is moderated and low-traffic; you can subscribe/unsubscribe at the following url:

About Ampoliros

Ampoliros is an advanced, easy to use and cross platform distributed web applications platform written in PHP language, suitable as Internet/Intranet development and deployment system. It has a very strong modular architecture and allows very fast deployment of web solutions.

More about "Ampoliros":


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