Innomatic 5000 5.0 released
By Alex Pagnoni, 2009/04/30


May 30, 2009. THE INTERNET. The Innomatic Team today announced the immediate release of Innomatic 5000 new generation, the open source framework for building multi tenant applications and SAAS platforms in PHP.


"We merged the best of our open source technologies (Ampoliros, Carthag, iConnect Architecture) into Innomatic, the platform for building enterprise and multi tenant applications in PHP", explained Alex Pagnoni, founder and project leader of the Innomatic project and previously of Ampoliros and iConnect frameworks. "Starting today, Innomatic is also the new name of our team".

Innomatic not only merges solid technologies like Ampoliros and iConnect but also brings a huge refactoring with many code improvements, a lot of new features and an updated web desktop interface.

Innomatic also features a revamped system for distributing PHP classes and Innomatic applications called AppCentral, that is the new version of the AmpCentral repository system running since 2001.

Innomatic also comes along with a new generation of XenIntranet, now called Innowork, the framework for building business applications in PHP.


Innomatic is available for free under the New BSD open source license and is available for anyone to use; it can be obtained for free here:

For further instructions on installing Innomatic, please consult the installation instructions (


Innomatic is an open source platform written in PHP language, suitable for building enteprise and multi tenant web applications.

You can find more about Innomatic here: