Innomatic 6.4 released
By Alex Pagnoni, 2014/12/11

Today we announce the immediate release of Innomatic Platform 6.4 new version, the framework for building multi tenant web applications and SaaS products in PHP.

This brand new version of our platform makes it easier for developers to build multi tenant applications.

At a glance, Innomatic Platform 6.4 brings the following key benefits:

  • An improved web desktop with tray bar, user roles and permissions, a better look & feel,
  • Making it easier for developers to develop and test applications,
  • Performance improvements.


Here follows a list of the main features introduced in this new release.

  • Tray bar. A new quick actions and notifications area has been added to the web desktop top toolbar to display icons for system and program features.
  • New pending actions. This is a new system for deferring actions execution using a platform wide cronjob task.
  • Roles/permissions system. A full implementation of a role-based access control (RBAC) has been added so that permissions to perform certain operations can be assigned to specific roles. Roles and permissions are manageable both at code level and through a preference widget in the desktop users management panel.
  • Unittest component. A new component for PHP unit tests has been added, with platform-level support for unit testing code.
  • Web desktop UI improvements.
  • Performance improvements. Enhancements have been brought to the code which helps you achieve better performances.
  • Panel view templates. Developers can now separate WUI widgets structure definition from code by using XML templates.
  • Various fixes.

This release brings 15 fixes, 23 improvements and 29 new features. For more information and details see the full change log:


Innomatic is available for free under the New BSD open source license and is available for anyone to use; it can be obtained for free here: If you wish to get the latest Innomatic source tree, you can obtain it through the public Innomatic GIT repository at GitHub.

If you need professional support, the Innomatic Subscription ensures that customers and partners make the most out of Innomatic Platform before, during and after a project.


Innomatic is the open source framework for building multi tenant SaaS platforms, products and enterprise applications in PHP. With the Innomatic Platform, ISVs and Enterprises can build Cloud ready, Multi Tenant applications and SaaS products faster and better.

You can find more about Innomatic here: