Innomatic 6000 6.0 released
By Alex Pagnoni, 2013/10/24


Today we are releasing the long awaited new generation of Innomatic, version 6.0.

Innomatic 6.x generation is a major step for the Innomatic project: this 6.0 release marks a new commitment to the development of the platform.

As you're probably aware, we are working very hard to rebuild the community, and the momentum, around all our software and technologies, most notably the Innomatic Platform.

As is the case with few other products, our overall market is defined by how big a community of skills, applications and developers we can build around Innomatic - and only then, by how many customers we can generate.

The work to rebuild that developer community was begun in earnest in April of 2009 – the date on which we made the refactored source code of the Innomatic Platform available to the general public. But the investment in innovation (the main reason people care about source code, after all) began far earlier, with projects like Ampoliros and iConnect beginning about fourteen (yes, fourteen) years ago.

Which is why we are so thrilled to release this new release to show that the Innomatic Platform is more alive than ever and to pave the way for the next projects we are working on.


Here follows a list of the main features introduced in this new release. For more information and details see the full change log:

  • New web desktop flat theme.
  • Added ORM feature with persistance layer, value objects and remote object calls.
  • Support for Vagrant.
  • Automatic AJAX calls in desktop panels.
  • Internal AJAX calls support in web user interface widgets.
  • Added JQuery support.
  • Introduced CLI scripts for applications and tenants operations.
  • Various fixes.


Innomatic is available for free under the New BSD open source license and is available for anyone to use; it can be obtained for free here:

If you wish to get the latest Innomatic source tree, you can obtain it through the public Innomatic GIT repository at GitHub. You should be warned that the GIT version is a development version, and as such, is often unstable, and may not even run properly. The advantage of using GIT, though, is that you can get the latest fixes and updates, without having to wait for the official releases.

For further instructions on installing Innomatic, please consult the installation instructions (

If you need professional support, the Innomatic Subscription ensures that customers and partners make the most out of Innomatic Platform before, during and after a project.


Innomatic is the open source framework for building multi tenant SaaS platforms, products and enterprise applications in PHP. With the Innomatic Platform, ISVs and Enterprises can build Cloud ready, Multi Tenant applications and SaaS products faster and better.

You can find more about Innomatic here: