Introducing the Innomatic Partner Network, our new partner program
By Alex Pagnoni, 2014/10/02

Due to growing demand around the Innomatic Platform, today we are introducing the Innomatic Partner Program.

We recognize the importance of a Partner Network and we have a clear Partner strategy where all implementation work is done by our official Partners. Such work includes design, integration, and system administration services. As the creator of the Innomatic Platform, our role is to enable Partners to deliver the best solutions by backing them up with training, certification, expert consulting, and support & maintenance.

Our presence as a leading software vendor helps customers to choose among qualified Partners. Many enterprises choose Innomatic Platform because it is backed by a trustable entity that can qualify and recommend the most relevant IT companies around the world for their specific needs. This is a key differentiating factor when compared to most other Open Source platforms.

The Innomatic Partner Program combines Open Source values with commercial benefits. It rewards Partners for their community and commercial activities.

The program is open to any IT company able to deliver services around Innomatic Platform. We provide special training and certification services to help new Partners to start with the Platform.

We are dedicated to bringing new Partners up to speed quickly by certifying them. This is key for Innomatic to answer the growing demand around our technology.

In order to better serve our customers, Partners commit to delivering all of their projects based on the Innomatic Platform Subscription, which ensures that customer solutions come with support, maintenance, and guarantees delivered by Innomatic.

Benefits of being an official Innomatic Partner

Functionality and training aside, what matters most to ISV's is ready access to markets and customers - what's known as "go to market" partnering.

Being an official Innomatic Partner has many benefits, the details of which depend on the company's Partner level. Below is a brief outline of the Partner benefits:

  • Receive project referrals. Innomatic gets an increasing number of inquiries every day from organizations who are looking to use Innomatic Platform. Each request is qualified and handed over to the most relevant Partner.
  • Earn discounts and commissions on Innomatic’s products and services. The best Partners get privileges when it comes to accessing our services, enabling them to deliver quicker and better solutions.
  • Visibility. Each Partner gets an individual listing on Innomatic’s website. Innomatic further promotes their most committed Partners in their press releases, material, events, and presentations.

Could you be a potential partner? Contact us today.


Innomatic is the open source framework for building multi tenant SaaS platforms, products and enterprise applications in PHP. With the Innomatic Platform, ISVs and Enterprises can build Cloud ready, Multi Tenant applications and SaaS products faster and better.

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