What is Innomatic?

Innomatic is an open source, mature and easy to use distributed PHP 5 Web applications container, particularly oriented towards administrative applications such as CRM, CMS, etc. It also introduces a new way to distribute and manage Web applications.

Main high-level features and benefits

•  Container of multiple applications and tenants: a single installation of Innomatic is able to contain and manage multiple shared PHP applications and separately enable them to multiple tenants.

•  Specialized for administrative applications: Innomatic provides a ready environment (both for users and developers) with a MVC based Web Desktop user interface, especially suitable for administrative Web applications such as CRM, CMS, Document Management, e-Business, custom and similar applications. Anyway, you can also build normal Web applications with the frameworks provided by Innomatic (or by Innomatic based applications) for this purpose.

•  Introduces a new way to distribute and manage Web applications: applications can be fetched and bought manually or from AppCentral, a central repository of Innomatic based applications. Thanks to the strong modular architecture of Innomatic, applications can be installed and upgraded with no effort, allowing very fast deployment and management of Web based solutions. Developers and software houses can sell their Innomatic applications through AppCentral.

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Main differences with other PHP frameworks

Premising that Innomatic is not (only) a PHP framework, one of the main differences between Innomatic and the other PHP platforms is that Innomatic is a container for multiple applications and tenants, while the majority of other frameworks serves as a skeleton for a single Web application/site. In fact, already existing (and multiple) frameworks can be ported and used as webapp handlers for tenant webapps.

Also, Innomatic is not a CMS: external Innomatic based applications can provide CMS features instead.

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