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Innomatic Cloud: your Innomatic Platform as a Service

Innomatic Cloud is a PaaS (Platform as a Service) for running Innomatic on our cloud: we manage the infrastructure and the Innomatic installation, while you concentrate on developing your applications and growing your customer base.

Innomatic Cloud enables customers and Innomatic Partners to automatically receive the cloud resources they require, such as the necessary frontend-servers, depending on their needs and their user traffic.

Peace of Mind with Innomatic Cloud

The cloud edition is based on the most recent release of Innomatic Platform.

With the infrastructure of Amazon Web Services and the support of our system administrators, we offer Partners and customers of the Innomatic Cloud the same level of quality and support they know from the Innomatic Subscription

As with Innomatic Subscription the service is available as a multi-tier offering depending on your business needs. It allows you to seamlessly grow as you go.

The cloud service includes consulting and assistance during the implementation phase and updates on a regular basis. This way, Innomatic ensures stability and sustainability of its product while continuing innovation.

Access to Innomatic Market applications

The Innomatic Market offers a large selection of ready-to-use add-ons and packages to extend the functionality of your Innomatic Platform-based application. As part of the Innomatic Cloud offering, Market packages can be easily downloaded, installed and tested from within the Innomatic platform.

Continuous Delivery

Innomatic Cloud provides a streamlined continuous delivery process and increases team focus and productivity to dramatically improve time to market.

Thanks to full automation, this model enables rapid deployment of applications without the complexity of managing the underlying infrastructure.

A complete development environment in the Innomatic Cloud

We also provide you the development environment for building your solution:

  • Innomatic development tools (Innocoder)
  • GIT repository
  • Vagrant configuration for you dev boxes
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery infrastructure
  • UAT environment
  • etc.

Move from CapEx to OpEx

Extend your product line with minimal investment — no Capital Expenditure required, pay only for what you use.

Focus on core business

Agility and flexibility with outsourcing the infrastructure, single point of contact and get over the multi-vendor trap, no vendor lock-in.

Sophisticated Delivery & Operations Infrastructure

Built on Amazon Web Services infrastructure with a tailored setup for Innomatic.

Business Advantages

Innomatic Cloud provides an agile environment to run your digital business smoothly. You get a fully scalable, high-performance and high availability solution to provide the best experience for your users.

Technical Advantages

Innomatic Cloud is founded on an optimized Stack, every piece is preconfigured for best performance. Due to the open architecture you gain full flexibility to customize and enhance the solution to your requirements.

Procurement Advantages

Innomatic Cloud is more than just a compelling software solution with best in class capabilities, it provides you a single point of contact to a full set of vendors and streamlines your operational efficiency. You gain more control and get quicker results.

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