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Innomatic Market

At Innomatic, we try to make the customization of Innomatic Platform solutions as simple as possible. That’s why we have created the Innomatic Market, offering ready-made applications and packages to extend the functionality of your Innomatic Platform-based solution with additional features, or connecting Innomatic Platform to 3rd party software and services.

The Innomatic Market provides only enterprise-grade solutions, provided by trusted partners from Innomatic, and quality open source components and libraries of code.

How to sell on the Innomatic Market

If you are building solutions on top of Innomatic Platform, we can offer a lot by making your solution visible and known through the whole Innomatic ecosystem.

If you are interested, the best is to contact your Partner manager to discuss your solution.

How to distribute your open source project on the Innomatic Market

If you want to make your Innomatic based open source project available in the Innomatic Market through the open source AppCentral channels, the best is to contact us.

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