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Support and Maintenance

With the Innomatic Platform Subscription, our customers obtain all the benefits of open source combined with the added value of commercial software and enterprise level support. Innomatic Platform Community Edition is not supported by Innomatic Company or by its official partners.

Product Support

Product Support is the core service of the Innomatic Platform Subscription, available to all our customers, with differing initial response times depending on the subscription service level. Subscribing to Innomatic Platform gives you the option of requesting assistance from our product support team with fast response to problems in your production and test environments.

All Innomatic Platform subscribers have access to a highly professional support service which provides 3 tiers of support and escalation processes. Support services are provided online via your Customer Service Portal. Different support levels are available and you can also benefit from phone support up to 24/7. Our highly qualified, experienced product support teams are dedicated to the success of our customers. They ensure that your projects are successful and that you are totally satisfied with Innomatic.

Developer Support

Developer support is available for Innomatic Partners and Innomatic Platform Subscription customers only. It covers support from Innomatic's developers team to your in-house developers team to help them create your custom solution.

Maintenance Updates & Long Term Support

Subscribing to the Innomatic Subscription gives you the option of requesting assistance from our product support team. In addition, we are constantly actively maintaining and assuring the quality of our software. With an Innomatic Platform Subscription, your installation will benefit from our quality assurance programs, which feature service packs to fix issues identified in the software as well as improve or enhance it in a variety of ways.

As part of the Subscription we also provide Long Term Support (LTS) for more than 4 years after the release of a major Innomatic Platform release. This allows stable business applications to have a longer usable lifespan and increases the flexibility for IT organizations.

Bug Fixes

With the Innomatic Platform Subscription you benefit from an unique bug fix guarantee. We deploy the necessary resources in order to fix the bugs you identify via the maintenance service. If needed, and depending of the service level of your subscription, we will provide hot fixes before the fix is even available in the maintenance service.

Security Fixes

With the Innomatic Subscription we provide periodic security hot fixes to customers. Some of these issues may have been fixed but not yet released by the maintenance processes while other are newly discovered security vulnerabilities.

How much does it cost?

A simple pricing model allows organizations of all sizes, from startups launching their project to large enterprises with mission critical applications, to scale their experience.

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